Counselling can offer you the chance to explore and understand your feelings, and give you the time and space to talk, without feeling judged.  Sharing your distress can bring relief, lighten the load and help you come to terms with your worries, moving towards acceptance and/or change. It can help you understand past/present problems and experiences in new ways.
Counselling can help with any concerns/worries that you have, including issues of sexuality, bereavement and sexual abuse. It can also help you explore and understand past experiences, finding new meanings and new ways of relating, to yourself and to others.
The number of sessions you will need will depend on the problems that you face. 
It may be that you wish to have counselling to get you through a particular time in your life, a bereavement or problems at work. It might be that you have re-occurring issues that you would like to work through.  Counselling will go at your pace and you can choose to have just a few sessions, or you may wish to have more. This can be discussed further in the assessment session.