Couple Counselling

Can help you to:-

v Resolve Conflict

v Improve Communication

v Increase Intimacy

v Explore options

v Move forward
Is your relationship in trouble?                                                                  
Most of us feel devastated when our relationship gets into trouble. We are often at a loss as to where things went wrong and how to put things right. When there is no improvement, many relationships break apart, leading to separation and/or divorce.
How can counselling help?                                                                                               Couple counselling can improve the quality of your relationship and help you avoid things getting to the point where separation feels like the only option. It can also help you make your own decisions as to the future of the partnership and/or come to terms with the loss of a relationship if one partner decides to leave.
Some reasons why people do not seek help

“We can do this by ourselves!”

Many do, but how long have you been feeling like this? How long have you been trying to make changes? Are you going over and over the same ground?

“There must be something wrong with me.  I have failed”

We all have problems in our relationships at times, and outside stresses can put too much pressure on us. Going to couple counselling usually means that you care enough to try and improve your relationship and are not going to bury your head in the sand and pretend things are ok.  It means you deserve more!

“Talking about problems makes them worse”

Some people believe this, but more people leave because their partner won’t talk! Talking is more likely to improve things even though this can feel scary at first.

“We don’t argue like other couples do, so we must be alright!”

If one of you wants counselling then this is a strong indication that you need it!  You don’t have to have arguments to be at risk of separation, some never argue but the problems can still run deep.

“It might lead to us splitting up.  I would prefer things to stay as they are, even if I am unhappy”

It is a risk, but it is also an opportunity for increased happiness. You might prefer things to stay as they are, but does s/he? Might they leave anyway, without the chance to improve things?
There is no shame in getting help. Don’t leave it too late!
"The changes to my marriage have been nothing short of miraculous!"
"Gail is warm and engaging and a very skilled counsellor"            Feedback March 2014


Please get in touch for an assessment or for further information. 
I would see you both on your own for one session and then together.    
An assessment doesn't commit you to further sessions.





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