Relationship Counselling

*Are you wanting to meet someone special?                                                              *Worried it will never happen?                                                                                              *Do your relationships follow similar patterns?                                                       *Have you been on your own for some time?                                                                  *Have past relationships left you hurt and confused?                                                        *Do you want to avoid making the same mistakes?                                                           *Would you like to have more of an understanding of what went wrong?                            *Or are in a relationship but unhappy? Should you stay or go?                                 

Relationship counselling gives you the opportunity to understand what has gone wrong in the past and helps you prepare for the future in a positive way.
  • Divorce and separation are very common these days.  Many of us would like to share our lives with a ‘special someone’,  but all too often things go wrong, leaving us hurt, angry and confused.
  • The stresses and strains of daily life can put our relationships to the test.  We don't all have the time, resources or communication skills necessary to keep relationships together, when things get really tough.
  • We can find ourselves with a broken partnership without fully understanding what went wrong. We often dive into another relationship to bury the hurt and pain and to prove that we are loveable, avoiding being alone.  We take our "baggage" with us, which often causes problems for the new relationship.
  • Alternatively, we say “never again!” and withdraw from possible intimacy to protect us from future pain. After a while we may change our minds, but have lost confidence and have become stuck in a rut with no idea where to start.
Maybe you know what went wrong, or this is going to be your first relationship for some time?    
We can look at your hopes and fears, work on increasing your confidence, or write an advert for a dating column!
The counselling is led by your needs and we work together to help you towards your goals. An informal assessment session would help you decide in what ways counselling might help.
I can work with you on issues of loss, rejection, anger, sex, self-esteem, anxiety, sexuality, assertiveness, domestic abuse, body image etc.

How many sessions will you need? You may just want a couple of sessions to help you through some particular concerns or you may need more.  It’s up to you!  We can discuss this further in an assessment session.


How do I work?
I use a Cognitive-Behavioural approach with my Systemic learning when working with relationship issues. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  (CBT) actively challenges thoughts and behaviour patterns and works towards positive changes with a focused and problem-solving approach, providing strategies for coping with life beyond therapy. (See the page on CBT.)