Privacy Policy

I have written some information to inform you of my privacy policy laid out by the General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018). I have also included some information with regards to our therapy agreement which we would discuss at the assessment session.

I hope you find it informative but please do ask me any questions if you are unclear about the information below.

The information I keep and what I do with it

Your information is kept in line with the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This requires me to give you the following information. I am the ‘Data Controller’ and owner of the information kept.

I make notes during sessions to aid me with our work. I keep all notes & records locked away in a filing cabinet, at a locked premises.  This may also include any notes taken over the phone or through email and any information sent by a third party e.g. a referral agency. 

I will keep these notes & records for 6 years and then destroy them securely. 

I keep your name and address and phone number in a separate place to your notes. Your notes do not contain identifying information. I take notes to aid my memory and to help us with our work, they are facts about what you have told me rather than interpretations and I may log ideas for exploration. I take rough notes in session which are soon destroyed, after transferring relevant information to formal session notes.

You have the right to see your notes, have notes corrected, transfer them to someone else or to have your notes destroyed on request, except for rare circumstances where this contravenes law.   I have 30 days to respond to your request for any of the above. 

If you would like more information about the GDPR then visit

This webpage is hosted by google so please use the link below to see their privacy policy and refer to my cookie policy to see how this website and google use cookies.

If you email me, information will be stored in line with BT's privacy policy - see link for further information

Confidentiality Policy 

The counselling sessions we have are confidential. This means that I do not tell others what you tell me.  However, if you tell me that you or anyone else is at risk of serious harm, I may have to tell another person about this (e.g.GP/other medical professional/police). In extremely rare cases I am required to break confidentiality by law. I will let you know if/when this will happen whenever possible, unless I believe this will increase the likelihood of serious harm.

I discuss my work with a supervisor who is also bound by confidentiality. Your identity will remain protected. Supervision is required to ensure that someone professional is keeping an eye on the work I do and they are bound by the same privacy laws.

Complaints    Please inform me if you wish to make a complaint, or contact the BACP.   


                             or   0303 123 1113


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